How It Works

Members of the Partner Plus program provide their employees with access to a high-quality education at a reduced tuition rate, improving employee skills, retention and engagement.


Become a partner

By becoming a partner, you are giving your employees access to a high-quality education from a number of schools. They are able to earn their degree from a regionally accredited, nonprofit college with a long tradition of excellence, at a lower price point. As part of the Partner Plus program, employees will receive a reduced tuition rate and learn the skills they need to succeed.


Inform your employees

As part of your partnership agreement, we will develop a communication plan that lets current employees know about these benefits, as well as create collateral to encourage new hires to enroll.


Counsel through enrollment

Any interested employees will be partnered with an education counselor. This counselor will work with the employee to understand their education goals and help them find the program and institution that best meets their needs.


Coach through graduation

For students who enroll in the Partner Plus program, success coaches will be available for the duration of their degree program. These success coaches are in regular contact via email, telephone or instant messaging. They answer questions, offer support and help employees navigate the challenges of working while earning their degree.

Enjoy a more skilled workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of colleges does Learning House work with?

    Learning House, a company focused on helping colleges and universities launch and maintain online degree programs, is the driving force behind Partner Plus. Learning House partners with small to mid-size, private, not-for-profit colleges and universities. All of the colleges we work with are regionally accredited, have a significant on-ground presence, and are known for the quality of their education.

  • Where are the colleges located?

    All of the colleges in the Partner Plus network are located in the United States, but they span the country, from Massachusetts to California.

  • Are there upfront costs to join Partner Plus?

    No. There is no cost to join the Partner Plus network. Your employees will have the opportunity to earn their degree at a reduced tuition rate. We will provide marketing collateral to you, enrollment support for your employees and assistance all the way to graduation.

  • What is the typical reduction and how is it disbursed?

    Although each partnership is different, the typical reduced rate is 10 percent off tuition over the course of the degree program.

  • How do partnerships work?

    Corporations who wish to offer employees the opportunity to pursue their education can become a part of the Partner Plus network at no cost. Upon becoming a partner, we will develop a Web page to inform employees about how to take advantage of this opportunity. We also will provide marketing collateral that can be used to educate employees about the program. Employees will work directly with education counselors to determine which school and program is right for them, and then directly with success coaches to help ensure they receive the maximum benefit from their program.

  • Are employees eligible for financial aid?

    Yes. Not only do employees receive a reduction on their tuition at colleges and universities within the Partner Plus network, but they also are eligible for financial aid. Employees can also combine other discounts and scholarships to make their tuition even more affordable.

  • Who does the credit evaluation?

    Credit evaluations are performed by education counselors specifically trained in this area. These counselors are familiar with all of the colleges and universities in the Partner Plus network and have worked with the colleges to fully understand their transfer policies. This means that they can provide expert opinions as to how many credits will transfer. Credit evaluations, however, are unofficial; the Partner Plus colleges retain the right to accept or deny credit on a per-case basis.

  • How is enrollment handled?

    When an employee decides they want to learn more, they are partnered with a personal education counselor. The counselor will work with the employee to understand their education goals, prior education history and current circumstances. Then, the counselor will recommend programs they think best meet the employee’s needs and help the employee decide which program and college or university in the Partner Plus network is best for them. Once the employee has decided, the counselor will help the employee understand what is needed to apply and offer support as needed.

  • What fields of study are available?

    Employees can take advantage of any of the online programs offered by Partner Plus colleges, including:

    • Arts and Sciences
    • Business and Management
    • Criminal Justice
    • Education
    • Health Sciences
    • Human Services
    • Nursing
    • IT and Engineering
    • Psychology
    • Religious Studies
    • General Studies
  • How are employees supported in completing their education?

    Upon enrolling in a program with a Partner Plus institution, employees are assigned a personal success coach. This coach will work with them for the duration of their program. Coaches will help employees understand what classes need to be taken and when in order to graduate, and can help them enroll on time. Regular check-ins via telephone or email can help troubleshoot any issues a student may be experiencing, and coaches offer proactive strategies for successfully managing school, work and family commitments.

  • How does the marketing work?

    Our marketing is designed specifically for your employees, to share the benefits of pursuing their education and the perks available with the Partner Plus program. In addition to a corporation-specific Web page, our team will attend events specifically for your employees to inform them about the program and answer questions. We also will provide company-specific marketing collateral that can be used in welcome packets, shared on your intranet or otherwise distributed how you see fit.

About Us

Partner Plus helps companies improve their employee education programs by offering tuition reductions and enrollment support with a network of regionally affiliated, not-for-profit colleges and universities.

Through the partnership, companies can:

  • Develop a more skilled workforce
  • Increase employee retention
  • Offer a variety of degrees to meet employee needs
  • Reduce annual tuition spend

Employees can choose from any of the schools in the Partner Plus network to pursue their education, with degrees ranging from associate to master’s programs. All employees who enroll in a degree program will enjoy a reduced tuition rate, helping make your tuition reimbursement dollars go further.

Learn how Partner Plus can benefit your company. Fill out the form or call 855-815-0322 to speak with an education liaison and get a free consultation.


Choose from regionally accredited, private, not-for-profit colleges and universities. Partner Plus colleges include:

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